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What is OMHCC?

Om Hindu Community Center (OMHCC) will be a common facility for all Hindus in the Greater Boston area, serving as a social, educational, and cultural epicenter for the entire community.  Planned support services include a children’s spiritual school, after-school tutoring, and elderly services. The center will also be available for community activities including pujas, weddings, satsangs, yoga, festival celebrations, parties, conferences, conventions, and retreats.


Our History

Though India is divided into 29 states, 18 languages, and countless regional practices, there has always been a common civilizational core – Hindu Dharma.  Even when separated by an ocean, Hindus are united by the fundamental principles taught in the Vedas, Puranas, and Gita.  Keeping our culture and heritage alive in America, however, can be difficult.  We have temples for religious devotion and our homes for family life, but we need a common facility that can serve our community-wide needs – from large celebrations to small meetings, child care to elderly care, spiritual fulfillment to academic development.  For these reasons, we are building the Om Hindu Community Center.


Who Are We?

OMHCC is the common vision of Shri Tej and Smt. Prem Tanden, and Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA).*  The development team consists entirely of volunteers who share a passion for serving the Hindu American community, and we are always looking for similarly inspired people to make this project a success.  If this sounds like you, please consider supporting us!


Mission Statement

  • Sustain – Ensure the sustenance and growth of Hindu Dharma in America so our young practice Dharma and remain its forceful ambassadors.
  • Strengthen – Effectively articulate Hindu American needs and interests wherever needed.
  • Lead – Influence the progression and evolution of American society through our way of life.


*VHPA is a 501(c) registered non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving and nourishing Hindu culture in America.



How you can help!



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