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Kuchipudi Dance Ballet

In Hindu folklore, most rivers take on a feminine gender and are celebrated as nayikas, or heroines. “Tripaadi Ganga” depicts river Ganga as the central female character in three forms (Sweeya, Prakiya, and Samanya), traversing the four eras in Hindu cosmology. The various emotions of the heroine are expressed through the narrative of this beautiful Kuchipudi dance ballet by way of highlighting Sweeya, who is married and faithful to her husband, Prakiya, who is married to one but loves another, and Samanya, who is free spirited and belongs to everyone.

Concept & choreogrpahy: Sri Pasumarthi Ramalinga Sastry
Direction: Smt. Sailaja Chowdary Tummala (founder & director of Sri Kuchipudi Natyalaya)

Rows A-B       Reserved
Rows C-M     $100
Rows N-V      $50
Rows W-HH  $25

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